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Inqilab (1956)

  • Release Date1956
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationM & T Studios, Andheri

Today again, the shadow of death had fallen deep in the state and it was tenth innocent queen being negicided under king's orders. There was none to intervene and all were, helplessly silent Fraternal sentiments of queen's brother sheroo could suddenly catch words of petition, but to no purpose. At this high-hour two tiny hands of a rural belle came up for prayer and for a while even death was delayed.

The good Minister, Mirza was very much impressed of belle's goodness and a noble idea crept into his mind- "If her prayer can delay death, her innocent beauty can surely mend king's life." Her name was Roohi. Before that the Minister had her whereabouts his son Salim had fallen in love with her. But Minister could not know what cupid had already spied and he presented her before king for dance. The Bad Minister, Khalil urged the king to make Roohi his new queen and the task was entrusted to Mirza.

Naaz was Khalil's daughter and in love with Salim. When she came to know Salim's liking for Roohi, she forcibly turned Roohi out of the state. Now father's duty and son's love both were searching Roohi, somehow or other father could trace her but simultaneously son could know father's intention of getting Roohi married with king. His sword sheathed out and it was a tough match between father and son; duty and Love. Love won the day and Mirza was put behind bars because of his failure.

But Khalil's foul trick could not again get Roohi for king and she was also behind bars because of her curt refusal.

Salimi's love was weeping; Mirza's duty was weeping; Rohi's chastity was weeping but there was one Dara whose revenge was laughing why? Discern this strange why and tussle of sentiments on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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