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Warrant (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

That there is an Eternal Eye which watches everything is the vital thing every Criminal forgets at the time of a misdeed-and that Eye ultimately tracks him down and pulls him up on the day of reckoning.

WARRANT is a story of such a criminal named Birjoo (Patanjal) who motivated by revenge murders G rdharilal (Raj Mehra) He Is quite certain that he has left no tell tale track for the Law to follow and pull him up-But Alas No. Birjoo has nadvertantly over looked the fact that an innocent child Deepu (Akash Deep) was a witness to his nefarious crime-and then Destiny had its own way of-band ng together inspector Anand (Ashok Kumar) and the deceased’s daughter Rang (Shakila)-by casting them in the mould of Law and JUSTICE and thereby making them a shadow of the accused-these Apostles of Law and Justice prove beyond doubt the introductory saying and that that it is impossible to get away scot free with the life of another-they worked on the theory that crime is many a blundered thing-No Citizen has a right to take Law into his own hands.

Like a scream knifing through the darkness WARRANT cuts a tremendous path of Suspense made more thrilling by the his strain talents of Ashok Kumar and Shakila-bedecked with dances of Helen, Cuckoo and Shakila-gags of Dhumal and embe lished with musical enchantment by the music maestro Roshan

The presentation by PATANJAL and the treatment of WARRANT by KIDAR KAPOOR and the hide and seek of LAW and CRIME is such an episode penned by Masood Mashadi which only the Silver Screen can and will unfold. 

(From the official press booklet)