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  • Real Name: Hariprashad Joshi
  • Born: 9 October, 1911 (Waghania, Bombay Presidency, British India)
  • Died: 22 January, 1969 (Bombay, India)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi

Hindi film singer, actor, director and producer, Ishwarlal was known for films such as Jawan Mard (1966), Riwaaj (1947) and Holi (1940). He was born Hariprashad Joshi on 9 October, 1911 at Waghania, Bombay Presidency. As an actor, he featured in more than 50 films from the 1930s up until the 1960s, including Sheikh Chilli (1930), Char Chakram (1932), Keemti Aansoo (1935), Barrister’s Wife (1935), Manorama (1944), Sati Narmada (1950), Black Cat (1959), Bezuban (1962) and Meri Surat Teri Ankhen (1963). He also sang in approximately 14 films. He is also credited as the producer of Riwaaj (1947). In the Filmindia review of A R Kardar directorial Holi (1940), he is credited as “the only man who makes Holi a picture.”

He made his directorial debut with Bombshell in 1935, which he co-directed along with Dinkar Rao. The film starred Khurshid Begum, Yashwant Dave, Hadi and Laxmi. A black and white film, it belonged to the stunt genre. 

His other directorials include Sohni Mahiwal (1946), Riwaaj (1947), Mahasati Tulsi Vrinda (1947), Heera (1947), Matrubhoomi (1949), Apala (1949), Sati Narmada (1950), Jai Shankar (1951), Gopichand (1958), and Jawan Mard (1966). 

His Sohni Mahiwal, co-directed with Ravindra Jaykar, starred Begum Para in the lead role as Sohni. The romantic drama produced by Jayant Desai Productions, is based on the folk story of Sohni Mahiwal. The cast also included Ishwarlal himself, Mubarak, Dixit and Shobha.

He featured in the lead in his directorial Mahasati Tulsi Vrinda. The cast of this devotional included Umakant, Reva Shankar, and Bhagwandas

His 1947 directorial Heera, starring Paro Devi, Mubarak, Gulab, himself, Dixit, and Bhagwan Das, had music by Husnlal Bhagatram and lyrics written by Shams Lakhnavi and Qamar Jalalabadi.

Sati Narmada, his 1950 directorial, featured Sulochana Chatterjee and Jeevan Dhar; he himself also acted in the film. 

Again, he featured in his directorial Jai Shankar (1951), also starring Niranjan Sharma, Heera Sawant, Kesari Gharpure, and Bhagwandas. 

Gopichand, which he directed in 1958, starred Prem Adib, Durga Khote, and Shahu Modak, while his action adventure drama Jawan Mard starred Dara Singh Randhawa, Mumtaz Askari, B.M. Vyas

Ishwar Lal passed away on 22 January 1969 in Bombay (Mumbai), India aged 57.