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Ek Aur Sangraam (1982)

  • Release Date1982
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationJyoti Studio, Filmalaya STudio, Filmistan Studio

Everyone in the world whether powerful or weak, gentle or notorius is bound to be surrounded under circumstances. This is what is said in "EK AUR SANGRAAM" It relates the story of such a notorious man whose main motto in life is nothing but money, for which he is always ready to commit any crime and desperate deed, come whatmay, to queench his avaraciousness and insatiability of money. He has always accomted for gaol as his father-in-laws home. Having been harrassed by his enil-doings court expells him from state. 

Suddenly he comes accross with one friend Vikram who after a short while seperated, making him responsible to marry his young sister. He wants to abstain from this responsibility but of no avail, he is enclosed under forcible circumstances, which lead him to Vikram's village where he is enrolled under family relation which tend him to feel suffocation. But mother's affection sister's lone and sorrowful tears of Vikram's innocent daugther make him in lined towards them. 

This village is burning the fire of Dreadful Daku Jalim—singh's cruelty and unsurious Lala Dhaniram's selfishness on the first day itself, he defyes Jalimsingh's accomplice Raka and breaks his arrogance into prices. A charming and beatiful girl Julie having been impressed by his Vatiance falls in love, for he has never shown any sort of sympathy or affection towards anybody. 

One day he comes across to see Jalimsingh's flagrant massore on innocent villagers which sublimates his adamant heart into humanity for the welfare of villagers. He determines to take full revenge against all tyrant. He makes himself responsible towards the plight of helpless villagers, but one day the same villagers beat him badly with Latthis and stones, why ? 

What happend to Julie's love ? 

Why Vikram seperated from Sangram after a shortwhite ?

[from the official press booklet]



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