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Farz Ki Jung (1988)

  • Release Date1988
  • GenreAction, Drama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time139 mins
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Filmalaya, Chandivali, Essel, Kamalistan, Film City

To realise the dreams and aspirations of a country People have to join hands to fight the devisive, disruptive Anarchical forces let loose in the Country To fight a breed of Criminals that is ready to fragmentize & destroy the very fabric of the nation for their own personal ends.

Kavita is the Sister of an honest police officer Vikram While VISHAL is the son of a notorious Sumggler & traitor (enemy Agent) JAIKISHAN .

Kavita and Vishal are deeply in Love with each other. Vikram intercepts & inpounds a consignment of Jaikishans Contraband of Brown Sugar & Heroin Jaikishan with the connivance of corrupt Police officer Gill sends Vikram to Jail-on a trumped up charge of the theft .A shocked Kavita exposses to Vishal the True face of his father Jaikishan Vishal is thoroughly disillusioned. 

When Vikram comes out of Jail He begins to shadow Jaikishan Vikram comes to know that Jaikishan is eating into vitals of the nation by channelising the drugs to Schools & College Campuses and is ready to pass secret & Classified Defence informations to BARKER. (An enemy agent) But before Jaikishan can pass the information Vikram manages to get hold of the papers.

Vikram phones up his brother inspector Amar & Tells him the "KALI PAHADI" under a particular stone. 

The man of Jaikishan corner the meantime Amar has deposited the Secrete papers at the Police Station.

The foreign agents 'BARKER' tortures and brain washes Vikram & realising that Jaikishan Activities have come to the Police notice he has Jaikishan & Inspector Gill murdered by Vikram 

Vikram plefers the secret papers from the I.G.P. after rendering him unconsicious Vikram's wife Jyoti, his Sister Kavita & brother Amar are confounded at what vikram has done. Vishal the son of Jaikishan is surprised why Vikram had to murder his father. 

When Vikram comes out of his short interduce of amnesia he is terrified to learn that he has murdered Jaikishan & Inspector Gill in cold blood. He cannot belive that a disciplined officer like Ram could do such a heinous act He set out to investigate, what do his investigations reveal ? 

See FARZ KI JUNG to find out.

[from the official press booklet]



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