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Changez Khan (1957)

  • Release Date1957
  • GenreAction, Adventure,History, Romance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time135 mins
  • Length3962.4 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number19034
  • Certificate Date24/01/1957
  • Shooting LocationModern Studios

The very name of Changez brings to our eyes the pictures of a blood-thristy man. In order to pursue his ambition to conquer the whole world he shed the blood of lakhs of people. He did not understand the meaning of mercy and for his tongue he was accustomed to use his sword. There was a story behind all his doings. Changez, when he was simply Tamojan, loved a Tatari girl named Uzra. The girl’s father scornfully rejected Tamojan’s request for her hand. Thus, the fire of vengeance reeked in Tamojan’s heart. From Tamojan he became Changez and after ruining the states of Tatar he advanced further and further. His preceptor was pleased with the thought that one day Changez will be the Emperor of the whole world in place of Khakan of Serai Gobhi. But he did not know that even now Changez’s eyes seek Uzra only. Changez’s mother did not approve of his massacre. During the period Bandusar brought the message of truce from India and joined the forces of Changez as a General. But blood thirsty Changez would not listen to him also. He had only one ambition and that was to see Uzra for once. At last that time came. After conquering the Tatar fort he got Uzra and he was too happy. But that Tatar beauty breathed her last on seeing Changez’s dreadful face. Changez got mad but after sometime he came to know that the dead girl was not Uzra but her resembling sister Zohra, that Uzra is still alive in a Tatari state. Changez sent Bandusar to the Tatari sultan to ask him for Uzra. Uzra was in love with Sherwan, a Tatari youngman. When Sherwan got this news he eloped with Uzra. The Tatari Sultan took his own daughter to Changez in order to save his state. But Changez imprisoned the Sultan and ordered Bandusar to arrest Uzra and Sherwan and present them before him.

Bandusar went out in their search. Uzra was distressed and got separated from Sherwan. She took refuge in Bandusar’s tent. She addressed Bandusar as her brother and requested him for help. Bandusar without knowing her to be Uzra, who was cherished by Changez, promised to help her. But afterwards when he came to know about her identity he was prepared to save their lives at any cost. A Hindustani;s promise is firm as a rock. In view of his pledge Bandusar took stand against Changez too, but would not allow any trouble to befall Uzra and Sherwan. He ran away with both of them. Bandusar wanted to take shelter with his friend Jalaluddin, the ruler of Khwarzan but he did not know that Khwarzan had already been captured by Changez. He was arrested and sentenced to death. But at the time when Bandasur was going to be killed Uzra and Sherwan surrendered themselves to save his life. Uzra again got caught in the clutches of Changez for the sake of her assumed brother, Bandasur. Sherwan told Changez that he could capture the whole world with the might of his sword but not the heart of a woman. Changez ordered that Sherwan should be kept alive till Uzra decides to entrust herself to him.

Could Changez win Uzra’s love? What happened to Bandasur? Did the preceptor succeded or  not in driving out the love of Uzra from Changez’s heart? Who won in the field of love and fondness? Come and see the result on the silvery screen………….


(From the official press booklet)