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Shibu Mitra

  • Born: 25 March, 1948 (Calcutta)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi

Director Shibu Mitra has directed more than 40 Hindi feature films in the course of his career. Popular in the 1980s, he directed several successful hit films like Aakhri Goli (1977), Paanch Qaidi (1981), Insaaf Main Karoonga (1985), Ilzaam (1986), and Aag Hi Aag (1987).

Born 25 March, 1948 in Calcutta to a lawyer father and school principal mother, Shibu found his calling in films, while his brothers established careers in law. Graduating from FTII, Pune, Shibu assisted well-known director Basu Chatterjee, before making his directorial debut with Bindiya Aur Bandook (1972). A thumping hit, it brought him instant recognition. An action drama produced by Joginder, the film starred Kiran Kumar, Asha Sachdev, Raza Murad, and others. 

Shibu Mitra went on to direct innumerable entertainers such as Shatranj Ke Mohre (1974), Shankar Dada (1976), Raakhi Ki Saugandh (1979), Kala Pani (1980), Paanch Qaidi (1981), Mujhe Vachan Do (1983), Yaadon Ki Zanjeer (1984), Insaaf Main Karoonga (1985), Ilzaam (1986), Aag Hi Aag (1987), Paap Ki Duniya (1988), Aakhri Gulam (1989), Aaj Ke Shahenshah (1990), Naaka Bandi (1990), Veerta (1991), Priya (1992), Prem Shakti (1994), Jaggannath (1996), Zanjeer (1998) and Kasam (2001). 

Mitra is credited with popularising talents such as Govinda, Chunky Pandey, Kiran Kumar, and Raza Murad. He was also declared Star Maker of the Decade at the 18th Filmgoers Awards in 1987.