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Shaukeeen (1982)

  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time126 min
  • Length3650.91 meters
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate Number4949
  • Certificate Date16/04/1982

    Chaudhry om prakash is healthy, wealthy and sixty. ! he has two close friends, more or less his own age, jagdish bhai and indra sen. All of them are happily settled in life with comfortable income, all the children married off and plenty of spare time and leisure. The three of them however realise that, even through old and past their youthful days, the attraction towards the opposite sex has not diminished a bit. What is to be done? As the saying goes, if you can’t resist it, join it. They decide to take a plunge. They plan to go out of Bombay since it won’t be wise to take their own driver on such a romantic mission, they decide to hire a temporary driver.
    Ravi is a young man who has come to Bombay in connection with a few interviews for a job. His first interview is over and there are still about fifteen days for the next interview. He is free in between. He takes up the job of the temporary driver, calls himself sakharam, and moves out with the three romeos. On the way sakharam (or Ravi) learns that the three old men have no definite place to go. Ravi’s girl friend, anita, lives in Panjim so he persuades the three to go to Panjim.. they reach Panjim. Anita and Ravi arrange a bungalow for the three very close to anita’s house so that she could meet ravi quite often. Ravi has meanwhile warned anita to treat him only as driver sakharam in the presence of the three..
    The three find Anita a vivacious, sprightly and uninhabited girl, an ideal foil for their designs. Anita however is innocent and never doubts the intentions of the three. She feels very free with them, laughing, singing, playing, creating many complications for the elderly threesome..
    In due course all the three, one by one, try to get fresh with anita with hilarious consequences. And then one day they discover anita in the arms of their own driver, sakharam.
    What happens next covers the rest of this exciting story. 



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