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Sangram (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Sangram is the story of a child Shankar who has lost his parents at the time of his birth. One Muslim woman Salma started milking newly born Shankar and bringing him up along with her own son-Saleem but fate was smiling on this happy family. 

Durjan Singh a notorious smuggler who had been caught by the police with the help of Salma's husband Shaukat Hussain and sentenced for nine years. After coming out the Jail he made a scheme to level the scores. For this purpose Durjan sent a henchman Lalu to Kill Saleem who was enjoying the fare along with Shankar. Shankar struggled hard to save Saleem and finally Lalu was killed accidently, not by Shankar and Saleem but the children started running away thinking that they were murderers. While trying to catch a traid Shankar and Saleem are separated. Irony of fate brought Saleem in the hands of Durjan. Durjan made him Altaf without knowing that Saleem was enemy's son. On the other hand Shankar became Sangram - a thief of thieves. 

And the years rolled by. Parents Shaukat and Salma in search of lost sons finally reached Bombay and settled there without knowing that the sons were living in Bombay and had become deadly enemies. Durjan was leading life in Bombay as Seth Girdharilal. He wanted to win the election of an orphan trust to embezzle crores of Rupees. Haji Shankar Hussain and heroine's mother Savitridevi were the rival candidates in this election. With the help of Altaf, Durjan murdered lady Savitri and framed Shankar Hussain for this murder. Depressed Salma approached the court of all courts- the court of God. Her prayer was accepted and she met Shankar-one of the two lost sons. Sangram when came to know the tragedy of mother decided to catch the real murderer. With the result he was attacked by Durjan's men again and again. At this stage Durjan discovered that Altaf was no body both Sangram and Altaf. 

But whether Durjan succeeded in his dirty game? 

Did Sangram and Altaf overcome this plan? 

How Altaf repented his sins? 

And how Sangram paid the price of mother's milk? 

The answer to all above mentioned questions is Sangram.

(From the official press booklet)