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Police Public (1990)

  • Release Date11/05/1990
  • GenreAction, Crime
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time127 mins
  • Length92.00 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberA-1373-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/04/1990
  • Shooting LocationSavoy Hotel, Mussoorie, Guru Nanak Fifth Century School, Mussorie, Filmcity, Natraj Studios

 'Police Public' is a suspenseful four-track sterophonic thriller. Shot entirely on locations, the film is based on a true happening.

  Ram Swarup is a retired school teahcer of modest means. His daughters, Karuna and Usha, both are of a marriageable age. So when a local businnessman, Sharma bringsforth a proposal of marriage of his son, Arun with Karuna, Ram Swarup thinks her fortunnate to be getting married into a well to do family.

   However, Sharma's cunningness surface when he comes to know of some land that Ram Swarup has kept aside in Delhi for his second daughter' s marriage. He convinces Ram Swarup that he needs it temporarily to serve as a guarantee for his new business venture, but later justifies it as dowry for his son's wedding.

    Admist investigations, Shahnawza Khan is mysteriously transferred and is replaced by a dishonest and corrupt police officer Maha Singh Ghaewal, Who loses no time in suppressing the case with Sharma and his friends.

    To overcome police red-tapsim and political corruption, Ram Swarup and his daughter Usha with the help of a young boy Shyam, appeal to the President, Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, consequently C. B. I. officer Jagmohan Azad is sent to investigate Karuna's case. Azad, famous for his uprightness, setsforth about overcoming opposition and finding the truth.

     What really happens on that fateful night is a chilling tale in Vijay Production "Polic-Public".