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Zid (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Major Mahinder Pratap is happily married to a devoted wife Bharati who has borne him two cute sons, Sachin and Saral. With the patriotism in the Major he expresses his ambition of seeing both his sons as worthy Army Officers.  Suddenly war breaks out and the Major is called to the front. Sachin, the elder son, allows his father to go when he promises that he will come back for his birthday party. But Sachin is greeted with the news of his father's gallant death for the sake of our country.

Then begins the long and tedious life of Bharati to fulfil her husband's ambition of making both their sons great Army Officers.

In contrast we have Sachin's hatred for the army, since he puts the responsibility of his father's death entirely on it. But once again fate plays its own hand and Sachin falls deeply in love with Sarika, the daughter of a staunch Army General. Hopes of the devoted mother keep rising with every difficulty. Sarika's love increases with every meeting and the General sees a great son-in-law in Sachin.

And then the truth explodes and with it the hopes and aspirations of all concerned. The mother disowns him, Sarika's heart is broken and the General calls him a traitor and swears to shoot him if he meets his daughter again.

Sachin's "ZID" is a threat to the Nation. In his ZID he loses everything till...?

(From the official press booklet)