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Nav Durga (1953)

  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

The name of Nav Durga is always taken with reverence. The festival in her honour is celebrated between the 1st and the 9th day of Ashwin. The message underlying her story is as poignant and meaningful today as in ancient days.

Suryawarcha is cursed by Indra to go to the Earth for his arrogance in challenging to save the world from the sins of its inhabitants. Vishala who was about to garland him in Swayamwar prays to Shree Vishnu to help her. Vishnu appears and advises her to pray to Durga Mata and says Suryawarch will return to her only after fulfilling his mission on Earth.

Maurvi wants to avenge the death of her father Mur Rakshasa at the hands of Shree Krishna. When she fails to do so she marries Ghatotkach, the son of Bhim and when Barbarik is born to them (who is none other than Suryawarcha in human form) she takes him to Kamaksha Devi who transfers him into a young man. When Ghatotkach finds out the real intention of Maurvi, which is to train up Barbarik to kill Shree Krishna, he leaves his wife and son in rage.

Barbarik prays to Nava Durga whose abode is at Gupta Kshetra on Mahisagar Sangam and obtains the boon of invincibility except against the Avatar of God.

Here Vishala meets him but cannot recognise him as she does not know of his heavenly life as Suryawarcha.

Barbarik also protects one Vijaya Brahmin from the onslaught of the Rakshasas and also kills them all Nagraj invites him to his abode. Here Nagakanya falls in love with him but he resists her and returns to his mother.

The time has come for a show down. Barbarik goes to Pandavasabha and challenges to fight Kauravas single-handed. His head is severed by the Sudarshan Chakra of Shree Krishna. But when Durga Devi appears to take possession of the head of her devotee, Barbarik says his only wish is to watch the Mahabharat War.

When the War is over Yudhisthir comes to him to settle a dispute between Bhim and Arjun as to which of the two won the war. Barbarik says that behind them all was the protecting hand of Shree Krishna who won the War. Now his soul is released and he returns to his celestial abode to remain ever happy afterwards with his consort Vishala.

(From the official press booklet)