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Naughty Girl/ Toofani Taruni (1934)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

SETH VIHARIDAS was a very rich man, yet he attended personally to all his business affairs. In consequence of his concentration for twenty-four hours in his business affairs he developed fitful temperament. He had one joy in his life - his only daughter Sunita. The wife of Sheth Viharidas was an old-fashioned lady. Sheth had taken great care to bring up Sunita as a modern Girl infused with new ideas. Hence, the family of Sheth Viharidas had become a medley of queer characters. Sunita was betrothed with Ratanlal, a scion of a wealthy family of high social status. But it was not possible for Sunita to be attracted to a young man whose only qualifications were his wealth and social status. But it was not possible for Sunita to be attracted to a young man whose only qualifications were his wealth and social status. But Mrs. Viharidas was not willing to sever the alliance with so good a family. Sunita contrived to escape the unpleasant situation.

Once, Seth Viharidas invited some guests to dinner. Mr. Ratanlal and his mother were also invited. Shethju all of a sudden swooned under the influence of bectic fever. Doctor diagnosed hereditary lunacy, and advised complete rest. Sunita took hints from this incident and pretended madness, thee and then. All were wonderstruck and Ratanlal's mother flatly refused to marry her son to such a girl, and the betrothal was cancelled. Sunita was pleased, she accompanied her father to Killeshwar for rest.

Ratanlal was astonished. He was suspicious about the madness of Sunita. Vihharidas was restless without work. Killeshwar was irksome for him. At last with Sunita's help he induced Shethani to allow him to do some work. Sunita was fully enjoying the cool air and the charm of natural scenery of Killeshwar and while riding she met one young man named Sudhakar. Love developed soon between them. Sunita did not like that a stranger should know her heart's feelings. And Sudhakar dared not confess his love to such a head-strong girl. Hence, though love developed between them, they could not express to each other. Sudhakar was the son of a wealthy man. But instead of making merry with his father's money he wanted to carve his future for himself. So he was conducting a general store in Killeshwar. In Killeshwar already existed a store run by Makhan Dhakan & Co. The rise of a rival store affected their business. Consequently to oust their rival they employed many unscrupulous tactics. One day Viharidas in pursuit of work met Sudhakar. Under the assumed name of Kalyandas he entered into partnership with Sudhakar. Whenever Sunita visited Sudhakar's store to purchase sundries  Kalyandas used to hide his face and would watch the innocent lovemaking of his daughter with Sudhakar. He was pleased inwardly, maintaining all the while stolid gravity. Sheth Viharidas succeeded in concealing his identity, but when business rivalry increased, Sudhakar found himself in pecuniary difficulties. Kalyandas suggested if Sudhakar undertook to approach Viharidas a wealthy friend of his, whom he for some reasons would not see, the difficulty could be solved. Sunita also agreed to exert her influence in his favour. To tease Sunita, Viharidas denied to acknowledge as friend any person named Kalyandas. But as an afterthought he pretended as if he knew him, but refused to lend money. In a very humourous situation Sudhakar recognized Viharidas as Kalyandas. All laughed, while Sunita danced with glee. She teased Sudhakar, often visited his store and tormented him for nothing. These things became a daily diversion of Sunita.

Messrs. Makhan and Dhakhan had a servant named Kitkit. Mrs. Makhan and Mrs. Dhakhan, could not control the business, but could drag their husbands by the nose.

Nagging and squabbling were the order of the day, - leading and endless confusion in store. They could not out-rival Suddhakar and jealously drove them to absurdities. 

While on one side this was going, one the other side the love affairs of Sudhakar and Sunita were flourishing fast. One day disguised as a police officer Sudhakar intimidated Sunita and brought her to his store. Sunita became very wild with him. But ultimately love pledges were exchanged between them.

Ratanlal's doubt about Sunita's madness was not removed and he, too had followed her to Killeshwar. Here he availed himself of the services of a Yogi named Vijayanand, who brought Sunita before him under hyponotic influence. But to make love to her was to make love to a statue. One day while Sunita had been carried to Ratanlal under hypnotic influence, Sudhakar saw her going. Not finding Sunita her room, his suspicion was roused. Next day he asked Sunita, but she did not remember her visits to Ratanlal.

Misunderstanding grew more and more. On the other hand Ratanlal got tired of Sunita's irresponsive attitude. Vijayanand was enraged, and was tempted to get rid of him in order to win Sunita for himself. A Yogi once preaching "Hari Om Tatsat" was so much degraded by his pride as to use his knowledge in satisfying his passion. Sunita was seen going under the hyptonic influence by Makhan and Dhakhan and their suspicion was roused. They rushed to inform Sudhakar. But blinded by trade rivalry Sudhakar refused to listen to them. But they persisted and succeeded in communicating their suspicions to him. Sudhakar ran to rescue Sunita.

After calling Sunita to his house by hyponotic power Vijayanand freed her from its influence, for a moment, and expressed his sexual desire. As Sunita defied him, he tried to conquer her by hypnotising, but Sunita spontaneously burst forth into reciting "Hari Om Tatsat" of this mantra. Ultimately Vijayanand fell down helplessly. Truth triumphed over false knowledge. Sunita and Sudhakar were united and the clouds that gathered over the life of "Tufani Taruni" this dispersed.

(From the official press booklet)