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Papi (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Raju is a young man, unemployed, killing time, passing an easy aimless life. He is in love with Lachhi, a milkmaid. Lachhi's blind auntie has mortgaged the house and all cattle for Rs. 500/- to Kalu. Kalu demands money back or in difficult threatens to auction everything unless auntie agrees to place lachhi's hand in his hand in marriage.

Lachhi informs Raju about the situation and gives him three days. He tries to raise loan from friends but fails and at last, in desperation that night commits theft. He is chased by the police, but escapes in a running train.

In the train, he meets a Preacher who is travelling from place to place and talks to Raju about his ideas regarding the desperate and serious situations of the youth, the society and the country.

Raju and the Preacher have got similar faces. An ancient happens to the train and Raju, who is chased by the police, changes his dress with the Preacher.

Rescue party comes and Raju, dressed as Preacher, is taken via the relief train to the next station, where the police has lined up to catch Raju and public is standing to receive the Preacher.

Preacher, dressed as Raju, is removed to a rescue camp, from where Lachhi takes him away and hides him in the buffaloes' shed.

Raju as Preacher creates faith in people and becomes a Miracle Man.

Lachhi believes that the Preacher is Raju, but the police comes to know that he is hidden by Lachhi. Police takes away the Preacher and locks him up.

Lachhi takes her aunt for a cure by Miracle Man to the next village and recognises Raju in the grab of the Preacher.

Raju does not reconcile with Lachhi and she denounces him as a hypocrite and the police comes and takes him away to the jail where the Preacher is locked up.

Raju confesses his guilt, as a reformed youth, who has now come to believe in the ideas which he preached to the public (of course by reading the books written by the Preacher).

He gets a light punishment and promises the Preacher to join him when he comes out of the jail.

[From the official press booklet]