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Miss Bombay (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

Lata a daughter of New India is an Insurance agent. Vijay is a successful salesman having his goods on a mobile motor van. By a chance meeting, Lata runs into Vajay's van and finds that while there is every kind of Insurance on the earth, there is no Insurance against the heart. The Cupid's dart flies and both, Vijay and Lata fell in Love.

But the course of Love never runs smooth, Lata, happy and secure in the knowledge of her innocent Love, finds that she has a duty to fulfill. The duty that she owes to her family, her own Kith and Kin, runs counter to her path of Love. In the struggle between Duty and Love, Lata chooses Duty and becomes the wife of a millionaire's son Kumar, who is a gambler and drunkard. A lover of wine and women.

But Lata, though modern, is an Indian woman believing in certain old values and traditions of her Dharma. She suppresses the pain and agony of her love in her heart and lets out to reform her husband with such selfless devotion and faith that Kumar becomes new man-a good husband, a kind father, an efficient businessman. Lata's home life becomes full of grace and happiness.

But Vija's lvoe-lost restless soul knows no place. From street to street he wanders distraught and unhappy in the agony of his love. Late knows his pain, but cannot speak. She recognises Vijay's agony but cannot utter a word. Duty has sealed her lips.

One day, in his wanderings, Vijay comes across a gang of Hooligans who are about to kill Kumar by placing a time Bomb in his mill office. A tussle arises in the mind of Vijay. Should he allow Kumar to be killed and thus avenge his jilted Love, or should he save the life of one who was the husband of his beloved?

Tossed between sacred duty and sweet vengeance Vijay lived in the fires of hell for many moments. What did this fire burning in his heart did to others? Who was killed by it and who was saved? Who got light from it and who was blinded by it and sent to his doom?

For an answer to these questions see MISS BOMBAY on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)