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Maya (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

(Devanand) the only son of multi-millionaire businessman (Mubarak) gets disgusted with his idle-rich life when he becomes the indirect cause of the death of his poor friend's (Krishan Dhawan) wife. His conscience is further awakened when (Sudesh) a poor boy who has fallen in bad company on account of poverty comes to steal in his palatial house.

Leaving his luxurious home he goes away with Sudesh to live among the poor to atone for his guilt. There he meets the noble hearted (Mala Sinha) who is Sudesh's sister. He promises her a better life by freeing her and her brother from the clutches of evil minded (Jayant). Touched by the sufferings and tragedies of the poor people living in total locality, he secretly helps them in different ways. To keep up appearances he becomes an ice-cream seller as if he is really one of them.

Love blossoms between Dev and Mala, and (Lalita Pawar) with whom Dev is boarding and lodging plays the cupid. Jayant who wanted to have Mala for himself tries all sorts of weapons to destroy Dev, but he bravely-thwarts Jayant's designs with the help of (Agha). Mubarak's sudden arrival from Europe however comes like a bolt from the blue and aided by Jayant he breaks to pieces the romance of Dev and Mala on the eve of their marriage. Jayant twists this incident and tells people that Dev had done serious wrong to Mala and in order to hush up the matter had sent his father. They beat Dev mercilessly.

There is a serious quarrel between Dev and Mubarak. The latter had not liked Dev's living with the poor and spending money for their up-lift. Dev lashes out at his father for attaching so much importance to money and other false values. When Dev goes to meet Mala to clear up the mess created by his father, Jayant gets him shot by Sudesh. He now tells Mala to go away with him or he will get her brother arrested for the crime of shooting down Dev. What happens next? Well quite a lot happens in an unexpected manner and shall we say a thrilling manner?

(From the official press booklet)