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Mamta (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

"There's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream".

Like all young girls, Devjani dreamt of love and a home. Her dream almost came true when handsome Manish Roy gave her his love and the promise to build their own home. 

But fate ordained other for Devjani. Manish went to England for study. And pressed by poverty Devjani's father had to marry her to Rakhal, his money-lender.

Her married life wa awfully bitter. Rakhal, a lousy rascal, tortured and tormented her inhumanly.

Unable to put up with Rakhal's brutal treatment, Devjani, who was in the family way, left her husband's home to commit suicide. She was stopped by Baijee Meenabai, who took her to Lucknow. Here Devjani gave birth to her daughter Suparna. And here she herself was born anew. Meenabai trained her in song and dance. She got a new name too, Pannabai. In her new pattern of life she earned fame and plenty of wealth. But her only thought was to bring up her darling daughter in a healthy environment.

But the demon of Rakhal stalked into the now peaceful life of Devjani again. He began to extort money from her under the threat of snatching Suparna away.
To escape from the clutches of Rakhal, Pannabai one night secretly left Lucknow for Calcutta. She managed to get little Suparna admitted into a convent school. Manish, now established as a reputed barrister met her under strange circumstances and learnt about her pitiable plight. She begged of him importunately to take charge of her daughter Suparna.

Manish reared up Suparna with more than paternal care, educated her adequately till she too became a barrister. Suparna thought she had lost her mother in her very infancy and looked upon Manish as her only near and dear one.

The storm-wrecked life of Devjani now had found a calm shore. Her frail frame was not embalmed by a placid contentment. Atleast her daughter was going to get what she was denied in life. Suparna was caught in the web of sweet fancies of love's young dream. She had found her life's mate in Indranil, a junior to Manish. They were going to be married.

Then one day scoundrel Rakhal made his sudden appearance before Devjani and tried to squeeze a heavy sum of money under the threat of revealing her true identity to her daughter Suparna. Devjani was completely nonplussed. She could not allow Rakhal to wreck the life of her daughter. To save Suparna she killed Rakhal.

At the Court, Manish defended Pannabai. The case took such a turn that for the first time Suparna came to know of her mother as the much-wronged woman behind the bars.

Slowly the stunned daughter put on the mantle of the barrister. She took upon herself the sacred task of vindicating her mother. Devjani was overwhelmed with joy. Suparna had accepted her as her mother and was proud of her.

But could this joy last long for the woman who had suffered so much!

(From the official press booklets)