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Maalik (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

It is a well-known fact that mother is the first tutor the children have in their lives. The story of Maalik is based upon this universal truth. In a small town there are two happy families. In Manohar's house besides his father there is a brother who has been spoiled and led astray by the excessive love which his mother lavishes on him. Gambling and other vices leave him no time to think and plan for his future. On the other hand in the same town Nirmala's house is a well-run house where the brothers and sisters are constantly instructed in the advantages of an education.

The happy story however, takes an ugly turn and we find that Nirmala's father has fled from the town after being involved in theft and murder. Nirmala has in the meantime lost her sight and her mother is deprived of the only support she ever had. The small children are left to the mercy of the providence-but Nirmala's mother with an admirable courage faces the bleak future, with determination. She does not allow her children to suffer in any way and sees to it that their spirit remains unclipped. She gives proper education to their children by doing hard work. Nature helps her in her ambition by bringing to a fruitful conclusion her ten years of hard work. The children gro up and brighten their parent's name.

Manohar's disorderly brother reaches a new high in his pleasure seeking. He now frequents houses of ill fame and his mother's indifference to ruinous career he is pursuing and also her excessive love leave unchecked his evil activities. Falling a prey to the wiles of one harlot he now murders a wealthy man of the town to satisfy her lust for money. She however, deceives him. The police get wind of Shyam's guilt. He eludes them and joins a gang of dacoits and in their company he plunders the neighbouring towns and villages.

Ten or twelve years later when Nirmala's brother who becomes an inspector of police is successful in arresting Shyam the latter makes a confession which is the highlight of our story. What was this confession? What secret lay hidden for twelve years? In order to avoid interfering with your pleasure and surprise we allow these secrets to remain secrets, until you see and hear them on the screen for yourselves.

(From the official press booklets)