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  • Real Name: Malika Askari
  • Born: 14 October (Bombay)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi
  • Parents: Abdul Saleem Askari, Sardar Begum Habib Agha
  • Spouse: Randhawa
  • Children: Shaad Randhawa , Shehnaz, Aalam

Malika Askari, popularly credited as Malika, acted in several films in the 1960s. Born on 14th October to Abdul Saleem Askari and Sardar Begum Habib Agha her parents got divorced early in her childhood. She and her sister, the erstwhile actress Mumtaz, were raised by their mother, aunt and grandmother after their parents got divorced. 

She started her career as a child artist in Naseem Siddiqui’s 1955 film Shahi Chor. The following year she appeared in G P Sippy’s Chandrakanta (1956), among other films such as Kismet (1956) which was directed by Nanabhai Bhatt. Her filmography as a child artist includes film names such as Talaaq (1958) and Dil Deke Dekho (1959), but unfortunately, she was uncredited in majority of them. 

Malika enjoyed much success in the 1960s with films like Pyaar Ka Saagar (1961), Banarasi Thug (1962), Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962), Mere Mehboob (1963), Do Matwale (1966), Spy in Goa (1966), Suraj (1966) and Do Bhai (1969). 

She shared the screen with her sister, Mumtaz in films such as Kathputli (1971), and Roop Tera Mastana (1972). In both the films, she played a side character to the then-famous actress, her sister - Mumtaz. The films also starred Jeetendra. She also acted alongside Sadhana in Ek Musafir Ek Hasina, Mera Mehboob, Arzoo (1965) and Suraj (1966) etc. 

Mumtaz acted in several B-grade films opposite Dara Singh in the earlier part of her career. The pair was much appreciated and grew to be the highest paid B-grade stars at one point. Dara Singh happens to be the brother of actor-wrestler Randhawa

On the personal front, Malika got married to Randhawa and had three children, Shaad Randhawa, Shehnaz and Aalam. The couple also shared screen space in Do Matwale, and Spy in Goa amongst other films. Malika stepped away from the film world after her marriage to focus on her family. 

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