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Maahir (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Amar Rai is the proprietor of a firm and Kamini, his secretary. Both fall in love and marry.

Amar Rai's brother, Balwant Rai is totally opposed to his marriage and he manages to send Kamini to Jail by putting the blame of carrying the drugs.

Kamini gives birth to a son in Jail. This child runs away from Jail and on growing up becomes a rowdy-named Bhola-Bhola at some places confronts Kamini, not knowing that she is her mother.

Kamini on rebound, joins a character named J.K. to take revenge form Balwant Rai.

Balwant Rai is himself involved in Drug trafficking and is busy to make his son, heir to all his wealth.

Bhola joins jailor and shatters the dangerous designs of Balwant Rai.

How Bhola is successful in meeting this long lost mother Kamini?

How he is able to bring his beloved Paro, in his loving hand?

See all this in 'Monag Films' "MAAHIR".

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