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Kunwara Pati (Bachelor Husband) (1950)

  • LanguageHindi

Prakash was the leader of a group of mischievous and playful spirited students, all living together in a College Hostel.

An exact counterpart of Prakash was a girl named Kirti, equally mischievous, and a leader of the girls of Girls Boarding House, where she stayed.

Prakash and Kirti were studying in the same College. There was always a great row of wit and sparkling comical retorts exchanged between the two. The result of those allied practical jokes was to breed romance in the heart of Kirti and Prakash.

As fortune itself favoured, the father of Kirti settled their marriage by negotiating with Prakash's father, who agreed on the condition that both, the boy and the girl should first be brought into contact with each other so that being modern and educated youngs, they might know of each other before the marriage. This settlement was not known to Prakash, but known to Kirti, who hid it from him deliberately.

Prakash reached the house of Kirti's father, believing that house to be hotel. Kiriti's father heartily welcomed Prakash as his would be son-in-law; but Prakash treated the old man no better than if he were a hotel-keeper. When this suspense was out to him in real light he felt sorry for his misdoings and misbehaviour. Prakash was afterwards married to Kirti but becoming the prey of chances could not see the face of his wife for long. He became much impatient. By the time the opportunity for him came to meet his wife but again be mistackled the situation with the result that he was for nothing taken responsible for a murder by the Police. The darkness rested before all concerned. What happened next? Did Prakash meet his Kirit for once and for ever? See on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)