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Miss Devi (1944)

  • Release Date1944
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Two gay birds of humanity were singing and chirping the tunes of love, youth, and beauty. To them, life was a rosy thing full of happiness and perfect bliss. Their world was quite apart and both loved each other forgetting everything. But the human dream and happiness do not last long. The high flight of love was stopped by war. The gay birds Ramesh and Devi were soaring in the realms of love and with the War, cold reality came in stare. The bugle of call had sounded and Ramesh had joined the intelligence department pertaining to War. One day Ramesh got a photograph of a girl concerned with the fifth column activity and lo, she was Devi. Ramesh was at his wit's end. Ramesh began to suspect his own beloved and duty and love both had his due on him. Ramesh's Superior Officer asked Ramesh to get the news of activities of the photographed Girl. One day Ramesh and Devi went to see a play on the stage. 
Ramesh saw a Lady dancing and he was astonished to see the similar faces. The dancer saw Devi seated in the audience, inquired after her, and went to her home with intention about the secret activities from Devi's uncle Mr. Gupta who was a Port Officer. Rani threatened Devi to give her the information. She told Devi "I am a Fifth Columnist of Japan" but Devi turned tables successfully and knew the secrets of Rani and the fifth columnists. Ramesh was at Sixes and Sevens. But out of all turmoils it was after all a comedy of errors. How with the votex of events in the world war Devi frustrated the enemy activities and saved her country? How their love won again—These are the questions you can't solve. But Devi brings the ideal solution in a novel way and for that, you must wait for the events on the screen. 

[from the official press booklet]



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