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Neelkanth Tiwari

  • Died: 11 February, 1976 (Bombay)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi
  • Spouse: Ramadevi

Lyricist, poet, and critic of the 40s and 50s, Neelkanth Tiwari was a multi-faceted talent. Extremely proficient in Hindi, he was bestowed the Sahitya Academy Award for his contribution to the language. Tiwari is known for having penned the song Tikram baazi miya raazi from the film Adhikaar (1954) which made Kishore Kumar famous for his yodelling, as well as the Manna Dey-rendered Rom rom ramka karta pukaar from the film Ram Baan (1948). Tiwari also wrote the lyrics of songs such as Chupke chupke jabse hua hai pyar from Maya Machhindra (1951), Ek dharti hai ek hai gagan from Adhikar (1954) and Dil ko lagela mohabbat ka chaska from Police (1958). He often collaborated with music directors like Avinash Vyas, Prem Nath, Ashok Ghosh, Hemant Kumar and Shanti Kumar. He also played a supporting role in the Dev Anand-starrer.

Spending his youth in Madhya Pradesh, he moved to Bombay to be close to Film City, Tardeo, one of the oldest film studios in the city, in order to pursue a career. In his early years in the industry, he was closely associated with film personalities such as Kishore Kumar and Dilip Kumar. He went on to pen lyrics for several films over the course of his career, such as Lalaji (1941), Amanat (1943), Veer Kunal (1945), Kamla (1946), Khandani (1947), Jalsa (1948), Kinara (1949), Dilruba (1950), Ram Janma (1951), Indrasan (1952), Bhagyawan (1953), Ramayan (1954), Police (1958), and Hameer Hath (1964). 

A prolific lyricist and poet, his poems and songs continue to remain popular. His superior command over the language saw him being honoured with the Sahitya Academy Award. He also wrote jingles, and was a known critic in the film industry. 

Neelkanth Tiwari passed away on 11 February, 1976. He was survived by his wife Ramadevi Tiwari, two daughters and a son.

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