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Hyderabad Ki Nazneen (1952)

  • Release Date1952
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFamous Cine Lab. & Studios Ltd.

"Can God make a stone so heavy that He cannot lift it?"

And so with "HYDERABAD", a story of human endeavour, tyranny and fate. Short-tempered and vain in the extreme, Raja Sir Jwala Prashad, a jagirdar of Deccan had three sons. Being caparacious he could be easily amused. His two scheming sons, the eldest Sankatha Prashad and the youngest Durga Prashad played up every excuse to win him over.

Jwala Prashad's 60th birthday was an event of joyous celebrations for the family. Rajan Prashad, his middle son who was at Poona undergoing foresters' training, had informed of his inability to come home, as his examination was timed for the same date. On completion of his studies Rajan came home only to become the target of his brothers' schemes. The two brother s created bad blood between him and their father. Inspite of Shrimati's persuading her husband to be considerate and kind to him, Rajan was expelled from home and disowned by his own father.

Rajan, however, landed a job in the Forest Department of the Hyderabad State. Time rolled by - Destiny introduced him to Shani, a talented daughter of an equally well-to-do jagirdar. On the home front Jwala Prashad had an accident. Being physically weak, he transferred the reins of his jagir to Sankatha and Durga. The two brothers succeeded in their evil designs - mentally torturing their father and separating their mother. When Jwala Prashad realised his blunder, he threatened Sankatha to change his will. Both the brothers knowing their father's legal standing decided to force death on him.

Stormy conflicts ensued. Rajan pitched against the designs of evil as symbolised by his brothers. His sweet-heart Shani marking the days which rumbled heavily. Jwala Prashad for all purposes announced dead. Shrimati left in destitution. But all along the One above watched the play of these mortals - to what result? The screen holds the key to this story of human conflicts, emotions and deceit!

(From the official press booklet)



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