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Guru Ghantal (1956)

  • Release Date1956
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationCentral Studio, Tardeo, Bombay

Mad for a child, Rani Rukmini Devi, the wife of a famous carnival player Raja Shyam Das of Khandala ran to the feet of the fake and wicked saints, gathered them in her palace, spent her money and time for them. In spite of his dislike, Raja Sahib had to keep mum because of his wife’s hold and control over the money. Raja sahib’s young niece Leela was compelled to return to Khandala from Bombay, ceasing her further college studies, because of the denial of further monetary help from rani Sahiba, Leela's lover, a jobless young man ram, pushed an attractive advertisement for chances to make money, which came to the sight of raja Ramdas, the brother of Leela, inspired by the advertisement, he maneuvered to leave for Bombay with his uncle to bring two big saints from Jogeshwari. In Bombay Raja, saheb went to a carnival and Ramdas fell in love with a C.I.D. girl Kanan who was following the said two big saints of Jogeshwari. Ramdas met ram, who placed before Ramdas a scheme that he should take him to his Khandala palace to act like a saint Sachdanand of Jogeshwari. Ramdas agreed and returned home with Ram as a saint Sachdanand. Strange romance scenes of Ram & Leela at Khandala. Sachdanand also happened to reach Khandala with his fellow – saint Parmanand and Kanan fellowed them. Meeting of Kanan and raja Ramdas. Tricky doing of Sachdanand. Loss of ornaments of Rani Sahiba……..Ramdas and Ram arrested……Leela helped the law…….How GURUGHANTAL was arrested and what happened thereafter……..All to be seen on the Silver Screen.


[From the official booklet]