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Garma Garam (1957)

  • Release Date1957
  • LanguageHindi

Retired and widower, simple but shrewd Garibdas has his own philosophy of life. He was a man of wealth and around him were parasites as every honey-comb has.

Among these dependents, two were of exceptions-Banke was a care free type while Banwari contrived to impress Chacha favourably. This favour shielded him to yield underhand money, which he squandered at the dancing feet of Chandni.
On having come to know, by chance, of this illegitimate relation Chacha made his will in favour of Banke and not Banwari. His will was recorded by a cameraman but unfortunately Chacha's Heart failed him while narrating the secret of his treasure at the microphone.

Banke met the photographer who was a beautiful girl named Asha and their friendship grew deeper. Soon they found cut that the secret lay in a map and six keys hidden in Chacha's old six golden chairs-which were missing now. The chairs had reached to different corners of India having sold by an auctioneer to whom Banwari had sold the same.

The darling duo set out to chase the chairs. Played strange and funny parts as at a Music Mastero's place, wore lady's dress to enter the Kamrup Desh and reunited disputing couple to get yet another key. Mixed with a notorious outlaw to deceive him for obtaining a key from a mountainous den, and playing with lions was also their lot to procure one more key.

But Banwari neve rgave up and caught of with the couple in the end. To possess the keys he had to fight with Asha and then with Banke. Though Banke won he hated to keep the wealth that demanded brother's blood and offered it to Banwari.

That selflessness of Banke pinched Banwari's heart and with an embrace they forgave each other and started together for the treasure spot.

There they found an ancient door. On unlocking it they found another door. And lo ! there was a precious chest ahead of them. But to their surprise, there was only a piece of paper, which read "GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELPS THEMSELVES" that is my experience and the moral of life. 

[From the official press booklet]