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S A Wahab

Art Director/Production Design
  • Born: 26 May, 1906 (Bangalore)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi
  • First film: Prabhu Ka Ghar (1945)

Art director S A Wahab was born 26 May in 1906 in Bangalore. He started his career in films in the 1940s, and is known for his work in production design in films such as Prabhu Ka Ghar (1945), Jogan (1950), Papi (1953), Bara-Dari (1955), Sahara (1958), Panchayat (1958), Akeli Mat Jaiyo (1963), and 5 Rifles (1974). 

S A Wahab’s first film, Prabhu Ka Ghar was directed by Wajahat Mirza. It told the story of an atheist who falls in love with a married devout woman who has forsaken materialistic life. Made under the banner of Ranjit Movietone by producer Chandulal Shah, this 116-minute black and white film was one of the top grossers of the year.

Wahab’s next, Papi, depicted the story of an atheist, who is on the run from the police, and masquerades as a religious icon. Written and directed by Chandulal Shah, the film starred Nargis and Raj Kapoor

Akeli Mat Jaiyo, directed by Nandalal Jaswantlal and produced and written by Chandulal J Shah, starred Meena Kumari and Rajendra Kumar in the lead roles. 

The last film that Wahab worked on was 5 Rifles which released in 1974. Produced and directed by I S Johar, the film starred Rajesh Khanna's look-alike Rakesh Khanna, Shashi Kapoor's look-alike Shahi Kapoor, Ambika Johar, and I S Johar. The film also contained the popular qawwali composed by Kalyanji Anandji - Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi rendered by Janab Aziz Nazan