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Dharam Kanta (1982)

  • Release Date1982
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time161 mins
  • Length5010.71
  • Number of Reels18
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number100598
  • Certificate Date28/07/1982

Daku Bhawani Singh was living in the village as a simple villager.

Daku Bhawani Singh was a professional criminal and Kidnaping children of rich people and demand heavy ransom, looting of Baarats and snatching Jewellery from young brides and killing innocent people was his routine work. Chandan Singh was Bhawani's right hand who was trusted for all his operations.

Radha his wife never touched the booty of her husband. She always preached him to restrain from criminal activities. But Bhawani never listened to her. She was bringing up her children by selling Toys.

One day Bhawani Singh kidnaped the only son of Thakur Harnam Singh for a ransom. A fatal accident took place, child slipped from Daku Bhawani Singh's hands and died instantly. The ill-fated mother could not bear the Shock and Cursed Bhawani Singh.

The Curse Shook the throne of heaven. The whole village was destroyed by heavy storm and flood and Bhawani Singh lost his children.

Radha repeated the dialogue of Bhawani Singh and said "Where is your might and wealth strength? Now use them and get my children back alive".

Radha compelled Bhawani Singh to realise the presence of God. Ultimately he bowed before ALMIGHTY GOD. He surrendered himself to Police.

After 14 years of imprisonment Bhawani was released. The Government gave him land and money to rehabilitate him to become a MODEL FARMER so that he should not return to his world of crime again.

The destiny brought face to face father and sons on many occasions but as strangers and nobody could recognise each other. One was SHIVA the other was SHANKAR.

Jwala Singh the son of CHANDAN SINGH was following Bhavani Singh like a shadow to take revenge of his father. He attacked Bhawani Singh's Farm House and destroyed all his crops. He took away his wife Radha also. 

Bhawani Singh had become a noble man and had understood the meaning of "DHARAM KANTA". He knew every one has to reap the fruit of good & evil here in this world finally appearing before the Supreme Power the ALMIGHTY GOD.

When Bhawani Singh saw his farm house burning and his wife Radha missing he got wild and became furious. He wanted to finish the culprit. But he was helpless because his wife and GANGA were in the custody of Jwala Singh.

Destiny has brought Bhawani Singh at such a juncture that he could not decide what to do.
(1) Did BHAWANI SINGH took the law in his hand again?
(2) Was he successful in saving the lives of his wife & daughter?
(3) Did SHIVA & SHANKAR found their parents?

For all these questions see "DHARAM KANTA".



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