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Daata (1989)

  • Release Date1989
  • GenreAction, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time170 mins
  • Length5026.46 metres
  • Number of Reels18
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number12053
  • Certificate Date23/06/1989

Master Deenanath, a school teacher was living in village Kishangadh along with his wife  Radha Devi, beloved son Kundan and daughter Shanti. He was honest, god fearing man. The whole village used to swear upon his honesty and had blind faith in him.

Kundan was brought up in civilized culture. He was well educated, young, dashing boy following the foot prints of his great father. Kundan and dearest friend Ramzan who was always ready to sacrifice for Kundan. The whole village was living in peace and harmony without any difference of caste and creed. Master Deenanath and his school mate Sherali Khan used to celebrate Diwali and eid together. The village Kishangadh was a symbol of national integration.

There was a greedy money lender Lala Nagraj who had one and only daughter Alka. He had grabbed the Lands and property of poor villagers by way of mortgage, leaving nothing for the coming young generation. Alka tries to win the heart of Kundan but Kundan is already in love with Sona, the daughter of Bhajan Singer Dwarka Prasad. One day Lala Nagraj is caught red handed involved in black marketing on the complaint to police by Kundan and is sent to Jail Nagraj becomes the enemy of Kundan and Master Deenanath’s family. He looks for an opportunity to take revenge.

Master Deenanath has fixed the marriage of his daughter Shanti with Jaswant, son of Gopaldas. When “Baraat” arrives Lala Nagraj sees Gopaldas, who happens to be very intimate friend of Nagraj. Lala Nagraj was waiting for an opportunity to take his revenge from Deenanath and Kundan. Lala Nagraj and Gopaldas trap Master Deenanath and prove him dishonest and unworthy man of society. Deenanath could not bear the shock and dies in front of “baaraties”. Shanti commits suicide. Kundan gives fire to the bodies of his father and sister.

Gopaldas weds his son with Alka, daughter of Lala Nagraj by collecting huge dowry.

While Gopaldas was taking away Lala’s daughter alongwith jewellery and dowry Kundan appears and shoots bridegroom, Jaswant in front of villagers and vanishes in mountains.

Lala Nagraj manages the marriage of his daughter Alka ti Gopaldas’ second son Natwar by giving more money in dowry.

Lala Nagraj started torturing Kundan’s mother and his beloved Sona. They are compelled to leave the village to an unknown destination.

One day Kundan comes and drags Lala Nagraj from his house in the village chowk. As he is about to kill him, Lala Nagraj reveals a great secret of his father’s death and sister’s suicide.

Kundan starts searching for Gopaldas who has changed his identity as G.D. Sarang, a multi- millionaire. Nagraj becomes mad. Kundan gets another jolt when he sees Sona, dancing on a Kothah. Kundan is shocked and suffers in pains fot the betrayal of Sona.

Kundan becomes violent and prays ‘DAATA’ to give him courage and strength to wipe out evils and the enemies of the society to bring peace and truth to his motherland.

How Gopaldas becomes multi-millionaire?
How Lala Nagraj becomes mad?
What Ramzan did for his friend Kundan?
How DIG Sherali Khan performed his duty towards law, justice nad friendship?
How Kundan finished the Ravana of society Gopaldas?
How Kundan wiped out evils and enemies of society?
How prayers go up and blessings come down?
For every answer see Sultan Ahmed’s “DAATA”.


(From the official press booklet)




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