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Dacait (1987)

  • Release Date1987
  • GenreAction, Drama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingA

The mention of the word "DACOIT", is enough to send a shiver through the spine of a man. But has one ever thought as to what are the circumstances which lead a normal human being to take up the life of a dacoit? 
Rahul Rawail's film 'DACAIT' is one such story.

Bordering the Chambal River, are the deadly ravines around which there are numerous villages. In one village lived Arjun Yadav (Sunny Deol) alongwith his mother Devi Chodhrain (Raakhee), his elder brother Amrit (Suresh Oberoi), his bhabi, nephew, and younger sister.

Arjun had completed his education in the city and come back to live with his family. The Zamindar, Thakur Bhanvar Singh (Raza Murad) alongwith his brother Badri (Dan Dhanoa was a greedy and ruthless man who had designs to take over all the land owned by the poor farmers of the village, by tricking them into signing the land papers in his favour. The Thanedar of the village Bishnu Pandey (Paresh Rawal) was hand in glove with Thakur Bhanvar Singh thus making life extremely difficult for the poor villagers. Devi Choudhrain managed to rally all the villagers together and alongwith her son Amrit opposed Bhanvar Singh. When Bhanvar Singh realised that this family was becoming a thorn in his plans, he attacked the village and in the carnage that followed, Arjun's family was massacared, his mother became insane and he was left with no alternate but to take to the life of a dacoit.

How did Arjun take his revenge from all the cruel peopel who led him into this life?
What had destiny in store for a peace loving boy who was forced into a life of violence by oppression?

All these things unfold on the screen in 'DACAIT'.

[from the official press booklet]