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Black Bandit (Chalak Chor) (1936)

  • Release Date1936
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

The young prince of Vijaypur was a minor and Mama Saheb ruled the state-Princess Kamal and the Jagirdar of Ajaygadh Javansinh looked after the interest of the Prince-They smelt the intentions of Mamasaheb. The neighbouring King tried to take the possession of the state, Mamasaheb was all the time helping the enemies of the state Juvansinh at once defended his country and thus he created a big enemy in Mamasaheb. Mamasaheb danced according to the tune of Mavji, a barber, whose main business was not shaving but politics- He instigated Mamasaheb against Juvansinh, who became the victim of Mamasaheb- Juvansingh's estate was being forfeited. Salasaaheb was appointed in his place- The Princes was kept in the dark regarding these changes- But Mamasaheb gauged her inclination towards Juvansinh and he withdrew that order of forfeiture on Juvaningh. The Princes invited Juvansingh to take part in the celebrations of the birthday of the Prince- and mama saheb sought the way to compromise.

When Sala Saheb went to Juvansinh's estate to execute the order, he got a sound thrashing from Sonal, sister of Juvansinh-while Juvansinh started from his place to honour Princess's invitation-Sonal protests but her brother loves the Princess and nothing stops him. Then Juvansinh and the Princess me, amidst the fragrant flowers, and they started the melody of love-when Mama Saheb witnessed this scene, he grew wild. He played a dirty trick on Juvansingh-His hireling arrested Juvansinh and he was given to understand that princess had staged this trap-He cursed the princess for such a foul game, thus Mama Saheb got success in this conspiracy.

He kept Juvansinh behind the bars and sent his man to take possession of Juvansinh estate.- Sonal did give a fight but she bowed down to the times- dressed herself lie a made and dashed out to save Juvansinh who was being taken to a dark cell. Sonal appeared on the scene and she saved her brother and punished Mama Saheb and they bolted SalaSaheb and took charge of Mama who was tied down.-

Juvansinh could not wipe out the effect created by the princess' foul game- He took vengeance by becoming an outlaw. He started haressing Mama Saheb and his people- his name became the watch word of the people- They all loved him because he punishes the enemies of the people. Mama Saheb appoints Mavaji, as the minister of the estate, and whenSalaSaheb and Mavji begin to take their posts, Javansinhattacts them, and Mama Saheb's men are arrested Juvan takes them to the rendezvous. Mama Saheb throws nother dice one gang kidnap the young prince andJuvan's name is involved in this gang which is the doing of Mama Saheb- the Princess gets wildand she comes out to find out Juvansingh, then Mama Saheb's party come across Sonal, who is arrested all this time Totaram, the faithful servant of the prince is there and he saves Sonalfrom Mama's clutches- Totaram then flies after saving Sonal and the prince.

Then in a hot moment, Juvansinh meets the princess, he takes her to his secret place. There Mamasaheb comes and arrests all of them. The prince is being secretly kept in an old castle. Then Mamasaheb along with the princess returns to the capital. Mavjiadvise Mama to marry princes come to know this plan. She is out to free Juvansinh from the Jail. Both of them rush to the old castle. Mamasaheb then follows them.

Sonal and Totaram befool the guards and save the minor prince then they come across Mamasaheb, now this Mama arrange a trap for Juvansinh, who appears just at the moment when the minor is to be executed. Here a terrible fight ensues, the prince alsoshour his valour, and Mamasaheb pays a heavy price for his black deeds.

[from the official press booklet]