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Bichhade Balam (1948)

  • Release Date1948
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Fate weaves strange patterns in the life of man...

To such strange pattern belongs the tale of this picture.

Radha was an artisan. She was an expert at embroidery. That was her source of livelihood.

She was showing specimen of her work to a shopkeeper. Ramesh was studying at the college. He was a great lover of Art. He happened to pass by the shop and just peeped in. He liked the hand-craft of Radha so much that he purchased all the embroidered things that she had brought to the shop.

This chance meeting developed into acquaintance to be later on matured into love. Both went to Ramesh's father Dinanath to obtain his blessings on their marriage.

But things took an adverse turn. Dinanath suffered a heavily loss in business. In that dire calamity his son was his only solace. He called him telegraphically and explained the whole situation to hi. It became evident that Ramesh had to give up his college studies and seek a job. But Radhaintervened saying that Ramesh should prosecute his studies further and that her skill at embroidery would enable them to pull on together.

Her skill attracted the attention on another Artist, Sudhakar. It was decided that Radha should draw paintings at Sudhakar's studio. Radha went to the studio daily and Dinanath used to accompany her to and from the studio.

But whispering tongues began to wag. The imputed that Dinanath was encouraging Radha's visits to Sudhakar- and all sorts of things began to be aired. The whisper reached Ramesh's ears. He was terribly upset. He got wild-came home in a rage and began to call her all sorts of names. Dinanath just came there and explained how innocent Radha was. But it was of no avail. At last the father had to drive the son out.

Days passed. Sudhakar left the place. Radha and Dinanath began to suffer from evil days. They felt the place... Dinanath died on the way.

Fifteen years passed by. Radha and her son Anil were living in the city. History repeated itself. Radha was working at embroidery to educate her son just as she was doing when Ramesh was studying in the college.

Anil was studying in the college and as luck would have it Sudhakar's daughter Pushpa was also studying in the same college. Both were in love with each other. Anil was working as a typist at Seth Rameshchandra's place, but he posed before Sudhakar and Pushpa that he was Rameshchandra's son. This deceipt was later on exposed. Sudhakar forbade Anil to meet his daughter when he learnt that he was the son of a woman who refused to give the name of her husband.

Radha fell on evil days. She got a job at Ramesh's place. Little did they know that they were husband and wife! One day she came across Ramesh's photo, studied it, and then recognition came to her. She wanted to take away the photo, but the servant spotted her-she became the thief! Ramesh scolded and insulted her... Anil came there. Anil could brook no insult to his mother. He insulted Ramesh.

But the tangle was cleared. Ramesh recognised Radha. He was convinced of Sudhakar's innocence. He repented. Anil met... And Anil and Pushpa were married.

[from the official press booklet]



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