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Woh Zamana (1947)

  • LanguageHindi

Those Times-when the English by its East india Co., had managed to get a grip on india. In order to get a firmer grip, the English used to create, encourage and foster the internal troubles and quarrels amongst the various chiefs and sects.

Col. Walker was the Political Agent at Kathiawar. He was interested in taking possession of Dwarka in order to further strengthen his hold and position. At that time Manek Community owned suzereinity over Dwarka.

Luna the daughter of Salvan Herole fell in love with the poet Devubha. But Devubha could not respond to her love. Mulu Manek was a friend of Devubha. He went to Dwarka to see him. This visit resulted in the engagement of Devbai, the sister of Mulu Manek, to Devubha.

The day of marriage, an old Vendetta raised its head. In the fight Devubha’s uncle killed the enemy. Tradition urged them that the marriage be postponed.

But the Maneks could brook no delay. The bride found a way out. Devbai was married to the papal-tree and then Devbai was declared a widow as per the tribe’s tradition.

Just then Devubha came there to apologise for the delay. He was ordered to leave the territory and meet Devubha on the outskirts of Bassein.

(From the official press booklet)