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Be Khabar (1983)

  • Release Date1983
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time113 mins
  • Gauge35mm
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan Studios, Essel Studios

Rai Bahadur finalises his daughter Madhu's engagement with advocate Vinod. Police Inspector Vijay's mother, incidently, comes to Rai Bahadur for Madhu's hand for her son on the same day. Rai Bahadur rejects her offer. Madhu, provoked by her father's misbehaviour, fights back vigorously. Rai Bahadur loses his temper and beats her up in her bedroom. Vijay gets wild and decides to face Rai Bahadur come-what-may.

Shaken by the thought of possible tragic consequences, RaiBahadur changes his mind and decides to allow Madhu to get married with Vijay. But this irritates Vinod and he decides to stop this by hook or by crook.

Next day- Rai Bahadur is announced 'missing'. Everybody is shocked.

Madhu, Vijay & Vipin (Rai Bahadur's nephew) rush to advocate Vinod. They are Rai Bahadur's car parked outside Vinod's bungalow. But Vinod tells them explicitly that he has no knowledge of Rai Bahadur's where-abouts.

Next night - Rai Bahadur's dead body is found in a jungle. While investigations of the RaiBahadur's case are yet in processes. Madhu is attacked. Vijay reaches on the spot by chance and follows the Man with the gun. Before Vijay catches hold of the henchman, he is shot dead by an unknown person. As Vijay removes mask from the henchman's face. He is shocked; the man with the gun was Rai Bahadur's gardener Shamu. Shamu in attempt of helping Vijay with a clue, writes 'V' on a box ling nearby on the road with his blood.

Who is this 'V'?

Vijay? Vinod? Vipin? or Hotel Sea Queen's dancer Vimala? or somebody else

And then.........

-What happened that...? When...? How...?

-Who had in fact murdered Rai Bahadur...?

-Who wanted to kill Madhu? Why?

-Who was the real culprit?

All these questions will be replied-just see-the most mysterious movie, Be-Khabar.