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Aulad Ke Dushman (1993)

  • Release Date03/12/1993
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time152 min
  • Length4820.41 Mts
  • Number of Reels18 reels
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingUA
  • Censor Certificate NumberUA-1132-MUM
  • Certificate Date22/10/1993
  • Shooting LocationKamlistan, Filmalaya, Filmcity, Giri Kunj, Hotel Horizon, Mukesh Mills, Chrinjeev Bungalow, Randhir Natya Mandir, Satya Studios (Madras), Convent Villa,

The story of 'Aulad Ke Dushman' is of those parents who blindly bow down to the undue and exhorbitant demands of their stubborn children only to add poison to darken their future. 

R.K. Chaudhary is a father who thinks that satisfaction of every whims and crazy demand of his son Vicky means his deep love and affection towards him. Vicky kills somebody and Chaudhary blankets his crime by pouring money. Vicky very badly insults the Vice Principal of his college, and Chaudhary, instead of questioning Vicky for his arrogance, forces the Vice Principal to resign and leave the college. Chaudhary's elder brother (called Papaji) however does not like the acute misbehaviour of Vicky and Chaudhary's unwarranted encouragement to Vicky's miscound and adamant attitude on such a large scale. This ultimately results into Papaji's leaving he house for good.

Shalu, the only daughter of Kumar, Chaudhary's intimate friend, is betrothed to Vicky in the very childhood.

She loves Vicky very much but Vicky does not love Shalu because of Chanda Kumar becomes the biggest enemy of Chaudhary and Vicky. The circumstances are twisted in such a way that Dindayal takes undue advantage of the situation and grabs the entire estate of Chaudhary and on the other hand Chanda kicks Vicky and drives him out.

Why does Chanda kick out Vicky?
Whose love does Vicky win?
Chanda's or Shalu's?
Does Chaudhary get his estate back?
Does Chaudhary repent for being and enemy of his own son?

These and many other questions are solved in "'Aulad Ke Dushman" on a big silver screen  !

(From the official press booklet)