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Virodhi (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Shekhar, an honest and brave Police Inspector is staying with his wife Anita, a child (daughter), and his younger brother Raj whom he treats like his own son. Raj is a college student and a girl named Pinky also studies in the same college. Pinky is arrogant and proud by nature. She always quarrels with Raj on one pretext or the other. Once Raj saves her life from fire and their sour relations turn into a love affair. Pinky is the only sister of Police Commissioner Jagdish Kapoor.

In the same city, there lived four crooked politicians each of whom has one son. These four boys do not care for any law and order. They are spoilt and lawlessly create panic in the city. One day they are arrested by the Inspector Shekhar on the charge of rape of a girl named Reena and the murder of her boyfriend. However, they are set free by the influence of their politician fathers. With the help of four Sub-Inspectors, these four boys and their politician fathers, all these Dirty Dozen burn alive Inspector Shekhar in the very presence of his brother Raj. Later on, they kill Inspector's wife Anita.

Now, Shekhar becomes furious beyond imagination seeing the atrocities of this Dirty Dozen and there begins a chain of revengeful episodes. Does raj succeed in his venture?... Whether the Dirty Dozen are brought to books? What happens to Commissioner Kapoor and his sister Pinky? Big screen will answer these questions in... Virodhi.

(From the official press booklet)


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