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Raaj Tilak (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

Our story begins at the time when an air of gloom hung over the kingdom of Pratapgadh. Maharaja Vikram was worried that the kingdom had no heir while on the other hand the Chief Minister - Bhavani Singh was plotting to overthrow the King and capture the throne.

But Bhawani Singh found the castle of his dreams coming down like a pack cards, the day the heir to the Pratapgadh throne entered. And the flames of revolution exploded. The trusted and lion hearted Samad Khan with the help of his brother Jalal Khan sent the heir away to safety. But instead in the kingdom, the news of the heir's death spreads like wildfire.

The dying king longed to see the face of his heir. At such a crucial moment when Rajput Arjun Singh the Chivalrous brother of the queen decided to hand over his own son to the queen, he also fell prey to the urles of Bhawani Singh. The treacherous Bhawani Singh exchanged the babies - he put his own son the cradle in place of Arjun Singh's offsing. Thus he would see his own child on mount the throne and simultaneously his plan to get rid of the honourable Samad Khan. It framed him for causing the bloody revolution and exiled him from the Country. But Samad Khan swore before the pyre of the dead King to give justice where it was due and restore the rights of the true heir.

Time passed on  

The real Prince tried common conditions become Suraj Singh and the imposter on the throne was Shamsher Singh the cruel tyrant against whom Arjun Singh's own son Zorawar Singh decided to fight. He also thrusted to avenge the death of his own brother Sham Singh whom Shamsher Singh had put to death by the sword. Zorawar wore his dead brother's blood stained clothes on his self and swore revenge - and so on the chess board of life brothers themselves face to face unaware of their kin.

Rajkumari Madhumati fell in love with the gypsy Suraj. Shamsher meanwhile plotted to get the Rajkumari for himself Bhawani Singh's daughter Roopa had lost her heart to Zorawar Singh. And Zorawar was the deadly enemy of Bhawani Singh and his son Jai Singh.

At last the day of coronation arrived. Samad Khan fred all means to get his son Shamsher Singh to wear the crown and when he became aware that the real prince was alive amidst the gypsies he seized the opportunity an………

Raaj Tilak provides the thrilling, spectacular answer - the story that solves a hundred riddles with action and suspense at every turn. LOVE...  HATE... DUTY...  and SACRIFICE are the highlights of this darugly different and unusual Film.

(From the official press booklet)