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Apna Paraya (1942)

  • Release Date1942
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length12639 feet
  • Gauge35 mm

Vasant, the only son of Jivan Seth has returned from England after a prolonged stay. While there, he has fallen in love with Laxmi, a girl who returns with him on the same boat. Vasant has been, however, married in his childhood to Vina, whom he has not seen thereafter and with whom he refuses to stay. Jivan Seth insists on sending for Vina; there is a quarrel between father and son, and Vasant leaves home. He goes to Laxmi who refuses to harbour him. He wanders about without money and without a job. By chance he meets Ramchandra, a poor friend who secures him a job in an ashram. 

Now Vina who has been staying in her village with a poor uncle, is all tip-toe to go to her husband's, when news reaches her that her husband has run away. She gets broken-hearted. She has a rich maternal uncle, Shanti Seth, who takes her away to his place. By a curious coincidence Vasant gets the job of a tutor to Vina - neither knowing each other. In the train, a thief steals Vasant's bag. 

Vasant starts his life as tutor to Nina and he gets to be fond of her. Vina too is attracted by him, but being married she does not allow her feelings to have sway over her. In the meantime, the thief who had stolen Vasant's bag gets run over by a train, and as the body is badly mauled, the identity of the dead man is established by the bag. So it is given out that Vasant is dead. The news reaches Shanti Shah, and poor Vina finds herself a window. What about Vasant who has fallen in love with his own wife, who believes herself to be a widow!!

See on the screen one of the most entertaining climaxes!

[From the official press booklet]



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