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Yari Dushmani (1980)

  • LanguageHindi

Shankar (Sunil Dutt) and Birju (Amjad) grew up on the footpaths together like orphans. They were devoid of love, affection but only knew the principle of friendship. They both met Pammi (Reena Roy) who also grew up like them on the footpaths. She was in the clutches of a ruthless man called Jumbo. Pammi resorted to blackmailing the rich elite of the city to fill Jumbo's coffers. After meeting Pammi, Shankar and Birju's life took a turn. AII three of them looted a marriage Barat, whose original plan of looting was made by Jumbo. Shankar handed over the jewel box to Birju without knowing the value of the contents, being 10 lacs of Rupees. The greed of this expensive jewelry resulted in Birju getting Shankar caught by the Police. Shankar went to jail unsuspecting that Birju was responsible for his term. Without the security of Shankar's presence, Pammi was hiding from Jumbo's wrath and also the Police, while Birju was living a lavish life with his sweetheart Komal (Diljeet). Pammi informed Shankar in the jail about the whole episode. Shankar became angry and decides to change his friendship with Birju into enmity and wanted to take revenge for this double cross.

An opportunity arose by which Shankar could take his revenge from Birju. While in jail he learnt of the presence of a cache of diamonds lying in the vicinity of Kala Parbat. The value of these diamonds would be approximately Rs. 10 crores of rupees. On Shankar's release from prison, he contacted Birju, and with the diamonds as bait enticed Birju into following him to Kala Parbat. On the way, he beat Birju up and left him in a desolated place and Shankar proceeded alone to Kala Parbat in search of the diamonds. The story of the Kala Parbat diamonds was full of intrigue. The exact location where the diamonds were buried was known only to a child who was dumb. The dacoits infesting the vicinity used to torture and threaten the people of the village because of these diamonds.

Shankar in the meanwhile had also reached the village in search of the diamonds but his human feelings came to the fore and Birju also escaping death reached the village. The lives of all the children in the village were in danger. The tussle between Shankar, Birju, and the dacoits started. What was its result? Who retrieved the Diamond? What turn did Shankar and Birju's enmity take?

(From the official press booklet)