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Characters as they appear in Synopsis
Suresh Saxena    :    Shatrughan Sinha
Dinesh    :    Marc Zuber
Rajni    :    Deepti Naval
Anita    :    Praveen Babi
Amrit    :    Prem Chopra
Black-Mailer    :    Jagdeep

Suresh Saxena and Dinesh were partners of a Shipping Company. They were good friends, but their friendship was shattered when Suresh found out from a file that Dinesh was smuggling under the camouflage of S.S. Shipping Corporation. Suresh confronted Dinesh with an ultimatum to resign from the company within 30 days.

Dinesh suspected that the file which had brought his ruin was given to Suresh by Rajni, his own Telephone Operator. Dinesh was ruthless, just killing the girl was not enough. He must have his fun and see to it, that Suresh got blamed for the murder.

On 2nd January, 1983, Rajni fell from the 10th floor office of Suresh Saxena. Everyone suspected that Rajni was murdered but Suresh swore that the girl had left to her death. She had committed suicide. But if Suresh was speaking the truth then why was he paying blackmail money for a letter which was found on the dead girl? A letter which Rajni had written to Anita, her sister in London.

Anita came back from London to shed a few tears on the corpse of her sister and to seek vengeance. But first she must find out who was responsible for her sister's death. Was it Suresh Saxena, who called her sister a bitch and a blackmailer? Was it Amrit, the Painter who had made her pregnant? She made them both fall in love with her and pitched one against the other. The idea had come to her from Dinesh, the ultimate villain. Dinesh knew that Suresh was a heart patient and Amrit was set to shoot him.
Anita instructed Amrit, "Shoot him with a blank bullet and the verdict would be, that Suresh had died of a cardiac arrest".

"Shoot when the bell rings"

The Telephone bell which was to put her love to eternal sleep.

(From the official press booklets)