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Suhaag Ka Balidaan (1987)

  • LanguageHindi

Can anyone of you ever imagine that a bridegroom reaches late on his own marriage reception. Yes it is a fact Vishal was fighting goondas when people were waiting for him on the reception. He is not mad but a very sincere police officer and the police department is very proud of him.

He will take all sorts of risks the moment he even smell and anti national person. He will punish the guilties and rescue the innocents.

He even wont spare his kith and kins, if even doubts about their being guilty of any crime.

So Inspector Vishal carries on like this twenty four hours, on duty or not he is there to help the innocents. And his biggest target now was his own friend whom he doubts as a criminal and he follows him everywhere and every place and in this process is reported missing.

Department is worried, his own wife is restless and after months he comes back but changed person not physically but mentally. Inspector Vishal though still in his uniform takes side of criminals wants to share the booties and is even read to rape his own sister-in-law and his wife unable to bear all this kills him.

What happened to Inspector Vishal? Why he changed can be explained by the film SUHAAG KA BALIDAAN.

(From the official press booklets)


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