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Sohni Mahiwal (1946)

  • LanguageHindi

Young Mirza Izzatbeg was one of the group of merchants dealing in precious stones that arrived from Bukhara and camped at Agra; the Governor of the Province at the time being Azamkhan who was madly in love with one Shamshad. 

In order to present his mistress Shamshad with rare gems which the merchants of Bukhara were reputed to be selling, Azamkhan invited Izzatbeg to visit his palace with his wares to which the latter readily responded. At the meeting, Shamshad was present who at first sight was infatuated with Izzatbeg but the latter did not respond. Shamshad dejected at this, committed suicide and Azamkhan deeply wounded confiscated all the possessions of Izzatbeg, and also got him severely punished and thrown out of the town. 

A faithful servant of injured Izzatbeg carried him in a bullock cart to Gujrat where he met a potter's daughter Sohni with whom he fell in love at first sight. In due course love was reciprocal and he settled down there as "Mahiwar, a cow-herd. People of the place deeply resented their love affair and they paid no heed.
Now fate took a hand in their life. Azam khan was deputed as Governor of Gujrat who was not slow to take his revenge over his old rival Izzatbeg Weilding his influence on Sohni's father, he managed to marry Sohni. 

Heartbroken Izzatbeg cried and fretted for his beloved Sohni and for the result of manifestation of pure love it is better seen on the screen than described.

(From the official press booklet)