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Shrimatiji (1952)

  • Release Date1952
  • GenreComedy, Thriller
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time156 min
  • Length3904.79 meters
  • Censor RatingU

The story begins with Indira sitting, all alone, at a bus stop, on an isolated country road. She had come to the village in hopes of getting a job as a school teacher, but having failed to do so, she is returning back to the city, in the middle of the monsoon. When the bus finally arrives, it does not stop at the bus stop at all. The driver of a passing car, Jeevan, then offers her a lift and being skeptical of the stranger she refuses. However, the weather seems to be getting worse and a sudden flash of lightning makes her take up the offer of the stranger. As the story unfolds, Jeevan’s bad intentions come to light but Indira manages to escape Jeevan’s evil ploy and runs away. She finds her way back to the city where we see that she lives with three other roommates, all of whom are broke and deeply in debt. With their creditors pressing on them, the girls are desperate. The next day, Indira, who is at a typing school unexpectedly impresses two men, Chhoturam and Motumal and they employ her as their secretary. The men offer her a great salary, along with an advance. They also ask her to get an amount of Rs. 5000 exchanged for notes of a smaller denomination. However, Indira is not aware that the men are Japanese secret agents and that she has now become part of a greater conspiracy. Indira uses her advance to pay off their creditors, and the notes are quickly traced by the police. The girls, aware that the police are going to look for them, hide and Indira goes to return the money to Chhoturam and Motumal. Unfortunately, she realizes she’s been duped again and that Jeevan is their dear friend, and that the two men are as evil as him. She flees and the girls, who cannot go back to their flat, fortunately, come across a theatre manager who is quarreling with the performers, Rajesh and his companions, who work for him. The girls impress the manager and get hired, whereas the previous performers are forced to cater to the whims and fancies of the girls. Eventually, romance sparks, but in a turn of events, Indira becomes a wanted criminal in the eyes of the police and Rajesh happens to be the son of the manager of the hotel, which Indira fled from earlier. Jeevan reaches the hotel and accuses an innocent Indira and Rajesh feels betrayed by the ‘wanted’ poster he sees Indira on. In his anguish, he joins the army as an Indian spy and Indira happens to save Rajesh during a mission and gives Jeevan a taste of his own medicine. After many close calls with the Japanese soldiers, Indira and Rajesh, manage to safely return home.