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Joi Bangla Desh (1971)

  • Release Date1971
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3962.40 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-64346-MUM
  • Certificate Date26/10/1971

Historic events; revolutions and reprisals, repression alike affect the normal life of common people. This is the story of a happy contented middle-class family shaken by madstorm of historic upheaval in the city and country in which they lived. The people woke up to find their democratic aspirations crushed by autocratic ruler who believed that he could crush the people with his tyranny and terror. Faced with the problem of choosing servile existence and suffering and death, this family, like most of the other families, chose the latter. For they believed rather than sacrifice their ideals and live a life which even dogs would not like, they would sacrifice their life for their ideals. They stood up for their rights as human beings against tyranny and faced the bullets with smile on their face and died the martyr's death. Only the two children and their wounded mother who survived came to another land for asylum, with a view that they would return again to avenge the death of the martyr's and with freedom.

[From the official press booklet]