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Saugandh (1991)

  • LanguageHindi

'SUGANDH' is contribution towards the glory of Indian women, who may wither but will retain her honour, her fragrance at any cost, for any sacrifice. 

Bela a young beautiful girl was victim of fate as she was blind but she did not brood over her helplessness. She knew her only brother would one day arrange her marriage. She was poor but chaste. 

One day on her way back from temple, she met a young boy. Kamal, was a high spirited person always moving on roller skates. Kamal fell in love with blind beauty. Love at first sight. 

With her sightless eyes, Bela began to see dreams but her dreams turned into nightmare when Bhawra Singh a local criminal set his eyes on bursting youth. Kamal too was duped into joining his gang. Both hid in Bela's house to escape police.

Bhawra Singh's lusty eyes watched the slightest movement of Bela's body and then he began to crush the delicate, untouched flower. Kamal tried to save Bela but might once rule over right. That night the walls of Bela's house were the cold witness to an animal act of Bhawra Singh. As though to mourn for her the clouds began to pour as though to drown her cries the sky began to thunder. 

Somewhere down the street, in the silence was lost the sound of her cries... When her brother came home with the news of her engagement Bela has already lost her fragrance...Sugandh.

Her brother could not stand the shock, and committed suicide. The only lamp that gave light broke but the flame was now burning inside Bela. It was the flame of revenge, smell of hatred. 

Bela wanted to set an example for such women by killing the animal who had ruined her. 

Through a series of dramatic events and a sacrifice, she regains her sight. Kamal wanted to take her revenge but Bela was bent upon to prove that women are not weak, they are like volcano 

Women are a pack of dynamite, more explosive, than any other bomb man has designed. Women are weapon - dangerously beautiful. Bela with the help of Kamal, lures Bhawra Singh into a glamorous death trap. Bela kills the animal but. 

Can Bela be accepted by society?

Will Society permit her to marry? 

Can Bela lead a life full of fragrance again? 

What's wrong if Kamal offers Bela to marry? 

Can fragrance be robbed, the fragrance which is not seen which is only felt Sugandh puts many questions on chess board.

(From the official press booklet)


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