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Mr Bond (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Mr. Bond, a young intelligent, clever, lion hearted dextrous golden boy is a special precious possession of the Indian police force who has brought a lot of pride to the department by his apt acts.

He is known for his playboyish character and is well knwon for his charismatic qualities of handling difficult situations with calm and tenderness. 

His name sends tremors and shivers in the bodies of hardcore criminals.

He fulfills his mission with complete conviction. Dragon, an international conspirator of crime world had a score to settle with Mr. Bond.

Dragon plans to avenge, he spreads his evil claws on the small kids of the elite of a metropolitan city. Kidnapping of children the entire police Dept. in the dilemma and shame.

Mr. Bond is summoned to save the Dept. from further embarrassment and secure the kids.

Dragon not only demands ransom but wants the same to be delivered by Mr. Bond personally.

Mr. Bond sets himself off and begins the journey to rescue the kids. His journey passes through all kinds of adventures, fears, death traps and emotional experiences.

Does Mr. Bond achieve his goal?

The answer is a treat to watch.

(From the official press booklet)



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