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Razia Sultan (1983)

  • LanguageHindi

Razia Sultan, a celluloid marvel depicting the pulsating tale of stormy love, unflinching loyalty and sacrifice - a colourful yet a gory and sad saga unfolded from the leaves of History. It is the story of the tempestuous love between a bewitching beauty, Razia, the Queen Empress of India and a lowly abyssinian slave Yaqut - the story of the passions, intrigues and unheard of sacrifices. Razia staked and lost everything - her honour, kingdom and life - f or her love but did not allow the powerful proud Turks, affronted by her love f or a slave, to trample and break her sacrament of love even on pain of death. She laid down her life to keep the f lame of her love ablaze and high and became immortalised in the hearts of her subjects as a symbol of the highest, the noblest and the most sacred in love.

With the passage of time, however, she was branded as a vain sinful lover, rightly condemned and f it to be forgotten and lost. Therefore, for centuries together her soul kept on haunting the ruins of her Kingdom, the old Delhi for justice and clearance of her name and honour. This was not to be­ till later this century when her lonely and sorrowful rovings caught the attention of a creative and sensitive artist Kamal Amrohi - who has resurrected and crystallised her on the silver screen with all her glory and honour and restored her rightful place in History in the form of his most loving creation - RAZIA SULTAN - an unforgettable and memorable marvel and extravaganza.

(From the official press booket)

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