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Pratima (1945)

  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Pratima has been brought up by curio dealer Pravasi, who had once been a feared dacoit. Rajan is in love with her but his family does not approve due to her poor economic status. They want him to marry the wealthy Lal Sahab’s daughter. In the backyard of Lal Sahab’s mansion, there is a mysterious statue of a woman called Pratima. The statue is guarded by an old demented woman whose identity is unknown. The statue is a cause of great consternation for Lal Sahab, making him shiver and glance at a picture of his country house at its very mention. Rajan grows increasingly desperate for Pratima’s love and turns to worshipping the statue. He builds a shrine around the statue in the village. Finally the mystery unravels, revealing that the demented woman is Pratima’s mother and the true owner of the estate. Lal Sahab had wrested it from her by killing her husband in the country house. Pravasi had rescued Pratima before any harm befell her. The statue had been installed by her mother to remind people of the evil acts of Lal Sahab.

Pratima is renowned actor Paidi Jairaj’s directorial debut. The film marks comedy actor Mukri’s debut, cast by Devika Rani because of his smile and enthusiasm. Legendary actress Swarnalata, who later migrated to Pakistan, was cast following her breakthrough film Rattan (1944).