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Pehali Tarikh (1954)

  • Release Date1954
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

We always welcome the first day of every month, and everybody does it.

But it was different with Shamlal. He condemned this day, as he was jobless. His young wife and his lovely kids were all good to him. But what about his CREDITORS? They could wait no longer. Shamlal made all the efforts....hit every nook.....but alas.....!! it was all in vain. The circumstances compelled him and his family to starve. This compulsion reached its peak and he had to sell the Betrothal Ring of his daughter. He lost everything. He had to maintain this secrecy of unemployment to preserve the smile of his family. But this did not last long.

The first day of the other month brought the calamities and disasters at great speed. And Shamlal was unable to face. 


This was the final result,.....but in Heaven also be was unhappy. Almighty punished him for such cowardice. His soul was sent back to the earth. His soul was compelled to watch the happenings. He heard his own son announcing his death while selling the Newspapers. His son Mohan was imprisoned for the theft of food. His dearest daughter Sudha was begging in the streets. Gopal, for whom he had confidence gulped his Insurance Claim.

A calamity at its extreme,.....Shamlal's wife and Sadha had on another way to follow than the path of her husband after Mohan and Kamala were separated. She goes to a well with Sudha. Shamlal tries to prevent her but alas....he was a soul...and could not prevent her. She jumps with her daughter......and.....??? wait for the silver screen. 

(From the official press booklet)