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Nazrana Pyar Ka (1980)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-94956-MUM
  • Certificate Date29/10/1980
  • Shooting LocationNatraj Studio, Filmstan Esel, Filmcity & Location

Mahesh Kumar Gupta had a great affection for Anuradha, the daughter of his dearest friend who was no more in this world.

Anuradha was living in his house just like a family member. As Mahesh Kumar Gupta wished, she could have been his daughter-in-law. But as the saying goes, "man proposes God disposes", his son Raj got married with Usha, a girl of his own choice. This resulted in a conflict between the father and son. A great tension arose in the house. But Anuradha's pleading had an effect on Raj's father who atleast reconciled, for which both Raj and Usha were grateful to her.

A day came when the capricious fate had ordained an altogether different destiny for Anuradha Prem Kishan who had some business relation with Usha before she was married to Raj emerged as one who could destroy her life just for his lust for money. Usha was totally unnerved and it was Anuradha again who came to her rescue. But in the process of helping her, she had to pay a big price for it. She herself lost her prestige and had also to face the wrath of Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Raja and Kishore who was in love with her.

One day Anuradha asked Prem Kishan. "What price will you take for not harassing Usha any more?

"You are the price". Prem Kishan replied. This emerged Anuradha who wanted to kill him. But when she reached his house. Prem Kishan was already murdered. Anuradha was tuned to see the ghastly incident. She thought that the murder must have been committed by Usha and no one else. Hence she got herself arrested. But as a matter of fact none of the two had killed him. No one else. Hence she got herself arrested. But as a matter of fact none of the two had killed him.
Then who killed Prem Kishan?

Who was the person who presented himself in the court to save Anuradha?

And who was he who gave NAZRANA PYAR KA to Anuradha after holding himself responsible for the crime?

(From the official press booklet)